Tms diagram studio

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Add diagram and flowchart capabilities to your application.

Feature overview

  • Diagram editing behaviour similar to standard diagramming applications
  • Ready-to-use Visio-like look and feel diagram editor
  • High-quality (anti-aliasing) drawing of blocks and lines
  • Blocks and lines can have transparency
  • BMP, WMF, EMF, PNG, TIFF, GIF and JPG images supported in blocks
  • Open architecture for building custom blocks and lines inherited from base classes
  • Ready-to-use flowchart, arrow and electric blocks
  • Diagram printing and previewing
  • Linking system allow customizable link points and information retrieval of connected blocks
  • Support clipboard operations
  • Block gradient, shadow and bitmap
  • Full block customization: pen, brush, color, selection color, minimum width and height
  • Block text customization: horizontal and vertical alignment, font, word wrap, clipping
  • Customizable link points in blocks
  • Inplace block text editing
  • Full line (link) customization: pen, source arrow shape, target arrow shape
  • Arc & bezier lines, polygon objects
  • Block rotation supported (including text, bitmap, metafiles and gradient)
  • TDiagramToolBar component for easy diagram editing with no line of code
  • Diagram snap grid
  • Diagram background image (stretched or tiled)
  • Diagram rulers
  • Saving/Loading diagram to/from file and stream
  • Diagram zoom in/out
  • Panning
  • Support for different layers
  • Support for node support in connected blocks and block hiding with node collaps / expand
  • Helper classes TBlockDrawer and TGPBlockDrawer for easy custom drawing on custom blocks
  • Lots of ready-to-use TAction descendants available for specific diagram operations:
  • clipboard operations, object deletion and inserting, zooming, and more.
  • Live diagram execution, live flowcharts

Разработчик: TMS Software

Операционная система:: Windows 9x - Vista

Платформа: Delphi 6-2009 & C++Builder 2006-2009

Add diagram and flowchart capabilities to your application.


Example of the TDiagramNavigator at bottom left side

Demo overview

  • Sample application showing the Diagram Studio in action included in distribution
  • Application showing to extract the full block hierarchy in code from a diagram

User comments

I just wanted to say a big thanks for the "Live Diagram" feature in
Diagram Studio. I have a temperature monitoring and control
application that can make good use of this idea. It will allow me to
visually manage and display a stepped control process, where
temperature settings change with time. Thanks again!

John Gray, via email

I enjoy diagram studio a lot. It is simple to use and very effective. In short, an excellent component.

* New: TDiagramBackground.Picture property allows more image types for diagram background image (jpg, wmf, etc.)

* New: TatDiagram.TextRenderingMode allows setting high-quality antialiasing text mode

* New: TatDiagram.CanMoveOutOfBounds property allows avoiding blocks to moved to negative positions, preventing the whole diagram to be shifted

Fixed : "Control has no parent window" error when loading blocks from library manager.

System Requirements:

John Karlaftis, via email

This is a wonderfull component !!!!

Pablo Bizzotto, via email

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TMS Diagram Studio

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