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modo — комплексное, не требующее доработок решение с по-настоящему элегантными технологическими находками, зверской производительностью и совершенным подходом к рабочему процессу, включающее возможности для 3D-лепки, анимации и даже сетевого рендеринга.

The release of Modo 301 on 10 September 2007 added animation and sculpting to its toolset. The animation tools include being able to animate cameras, lights, morphs and geometry as well as being able to import .mdd files. Sculpting in Modo 301 is done through mesh based and image based sculpting (vector displacement maps) or a layered combination of both.

Modo 302, was released on 3 April 2008 with some tool updates, more rendering and animation features and a physical sky and sun model. Modo 302 was a free upgrade for existing users. Modo 303 was skipped in favor of the development of Modo 401.

Modo 401 shipped on 18 June 2009. This release has many animation and rendering enhancements and is newly available on 64-bit Windows. On 6 October 2009, Modo 401 SP2 was released followed by Modo 401 SP3 on 26 January 2010 and SP5 on 14 July of the same year.]5[

Modo 501 shipped on 15 December 2010. This version was the first to run on 64-bit Mac OS X. It contains support for Pixar Subdivision Surfaces, faster rendering and a visual connection editor for creating re-usable animation rigs.

Modo 601 shipped on 29 February 2012. This release offers additional character animation tools, dynamics, a general purpose system of deformers, support for retopology modeling and numerous rendering enhancements.

Class 2: In order for us to quickly populate our scene with particles, we need to understand the basic simulation system in Modo. This week, we’ll explore the the different simulation types, their features and the best production pipeline for adding simulations in to our scene. Through this process of learning how to generate simulations in Modo, you’ll learn how to simulate rigid body dynamics in Modo.

Class 3: Now that we have a basic understanding of how the Modo simulation engine operates, lets begin to explore the different emitters types in Modo. The array of emitters types will allow us to create a huge spectrum of effects, so lets explore these unique items in Modo. Emitters, Radial, Curve, Surface, Source.

Conceive, explore and create anything from sunglasses to submarines. From fast iterations to final production meshes, MODO's built-in sculpting and painting, precision modeling featuring award-winning MeshFusion Booleans, and photorealistic rendering tools help you design the future, today.

Liberate your ideas

Free yourself from creativity-killing constraints, with MODO’s intuitive, artist-friendly modeling toolset. From roughing out volumes to creating highly detailed forms, MODO lets you focus on creation, not construction.

Work your way with customizable tools

Build your own kit of specialized tools by combining different operations, with MODO’s flexible tool assembly system. With MODO, every job you do becomes easier, as you develop efficiencies that make you more productive.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

There’s no sense starting from scratch when data already exists in digital form. With MODO’s extensive range of file formats and tools you can import, fix and build upon data from many CAD and 3D applications.

Get more out of MODO with Kits

Extend and enhance MODO to fit your needs with tailored Kits custom developed by our team of experts. Kits are collections of “smart content” that combine scripts, plug-ins and presets to solve specific challenges.

Liberate your ideas

Free yourself from creativity-killing constraints, with MODO’s intuitive, artist-friendly modeling toolset. From roughing out volumes to creating highly detailed forms, MODO lets you focus on creation, not construction.

Work your way with customizable tools

Build your own kit of specialized tools by combining different operations, with MODO’s flexible tool assembly system. With MODO, every job you do becomes easier, as you develop efficiencies that make you more productive.

  • Fixes potential crash when using render regions.
  • Adds an enable function for the 'render.res' command which prevents editing the frame width and height channels if they are being driven.
  • Adds incremental update support for Preview when changing between fur cylinders and strips. Completes a full update, if fur guides are added to a fur material.
  • Handles light and volume element removal with full updates for Preview.
  • Sets the Bake Dynamics Transforms command macro to not report errors.
  • Fixes bug where GL and Preview didn’t display a sculpted mesh correctly after disabling SubDs and sculpting again.
  • Fixes frizz and kink channel conversion to embedded gradients.
  • Linux: Fixes multibyte strings in the item list and shader tree.
  • Adds a command block around animated channel selection, removing need for extra undos.
  • Fixes potential crashes due to VBO failures.
  • Fixes bug where mapping a key to switch a command's mode was not properly saving to the config.
  • When loading a mesh preset as a scene, ensure that the file is converted to LXO.
  • Adds alphanumeric sorting to the ItemChoice list.
  • Fixes missing value presets for various render properties.
  • Fixes bug where tooltip dismissal would block the dismissal of other popups. Now tooltips are always dismissed first, and then normal dismissal occurs.
  • Fixes certain cases of MDDs and Fur causing jumping/popping during animation.
  • Fixes evaluation of Surface Particle Generators when the density is set to zero.
  • Fixes potential crash on exit on Mac due to network socket communication errors.
  • Partially fixes bug where network rendering an animation or doing repeated renders and aborting could cause the master to lock up.
  • Fixes bug where channel modifiers were not automatically inserted between nodes when a link was selected before inserting.
  • Fixes potential crash changing component selection with a component highlighted on a mesh with a displacement map in the UV view.
  • Fixes potential crash with texture locators and multiple open Previews.
  • Uses the appropriate handles when storing slopes and weights for later editing. This was breaking the outgoing handles of keys that have broken slopes and/or weights.
  • Fixes flat shading for all draw modes.
  • Network rendering: Adds group name check for active thread so master node does not stop slaves in different render groups. Adds build number to incompatibility message displayed in the Network view.
  • Fixes bugs where Particle Operator types didn't get capitalized when exposed as assembly channels. Fixes non-capitalization of XYZ axis choices in Path and Intersect constraints.
  • Fixes polygon extrude tool to remove unused vertices from source polygons.
  • Fixes bug where polygons couldn't be selected when in wireframe mode.
  • Respects the environment shader tree order for order of evaluation.
  • Fixes component selection when parented to a scaled locator item.
  • Uses the current outgoing weight for the initial outgoing tangent weight value on keys.
  • Fixes bug where primitives would duplicate if changing tabs/layouts while the tool was active.
  • Fixes bug where the move tool did not return to normal size after zeroing the scale channels of a Group Locator.
  • Makes the rest of the channels on the 'Scene' item internal, so they don't appear in the Channel List, fixing a bug where changing the values in the channel list did not affect the scene values.
  • Fixes bug where opening a tool palette that has been toggled into hiding opened two copies of the palette.
  • Fixes bug where saving a Full Width Stereo Image from render window had the wrong offset on right-hand-side image.
  • Fixes alpha when saving side by side full width stereo images.
  • Fixes potential crash when splitting a tabbed viewport.
  • Fixes memory leak with full Preview updates and environment map sampling.
  • Fixes 'Do Collisions' option for Rigid Bodies.
  • Sets the effect for any added render output, averting potential crash on imported scenes without effects set.
  • Fixes unexpected spike in edge bevel using square mode.
  • Linux: Suppresses error messages from python library paths not being set.
  • Fixes potential crash when adding NPR Shaders with Edge Ink > Edge Background Shading Effect.
  • Fixes bug where many Render item settings were not properly disabling.
  • Fixes bug where calling the help() python command would hang on the Mac due to improperly directed output when running in GUI modo.
  • Fixes bug where saved layouts could be restored inside the Preview window.
  • Fixes potential crash trying to use curve edit tool on MDD driven mesh.
  • Fixes bug where selections weren't drawn above the background mesh in topo mode.
  • Fixes dependency warning and potential crash due to a GL redraw issue.
  • Fixes potential crash using Drag Weld with a polygon selection.
  • Fixes potential crash deleting a source item with instances if it has the dynamics package applied.
  • Fixes bug where point-at popover forms displayed in the wrong place after a dialog had been displayed.
  • Fixes potential crash adding hair guides to an MDD deformed mesh that has or has had guides previously.
  • Fixes performance regression with Info & Statistics panel visible with many textures in a scene.
  • Renames the command log system from 'Queried Command Results' to 'Command Results', which is a more accurate description of what it displays.
  • Fixes potential crash when checking Rigid Body collision status for broken off and sub-bodies.
  • Fixes audio on timeline to update the internal duration based on the scene range instead of current range.
  • Linux: Fixes potential crash in Linux GUI code for deferring widget property changes.
  • Fixes potential crash with the particle.freezeCloud command. Also fixes similar issue in particle.ToMesh command that may have been responsible for random potential crashers.
  • Fixes potential crash using the channel.delete command with a channel package specified, and other cases, which didn't work.
  • Updates how assembly channels are presented in vertical tabs, allowing both exposed channels and user-created channels to co-exist on the same assembly group.
  • Fixes asymmetric loop slice when multiple edges are selected in symmetry mode.
  • Fixes potential crash testing the vertex maps list, when it is called in layer scan. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Prevents potential crash during link deletion to corrupted graphs.
  • Fixes sculpt hit testing issues for particle tools and when the current item selection is a particle simulation.
  • Fixes potential crash after destroying a stroke mesh.
  • Fixes bug which was causing some popovers (such as the more button popovers) to have excessive empty space.
  • Fixes drawing issue where controls in a more button popover would overlap.
  • Fixes potential crash with hit testing when the particle simulation is selected, the particle mesh has been deleted, and the current sculpt tool stays active.
  • Fixes help for the Wind force.
  • Fixes bug when switching layouts with the environment selected and Preview visible.
  • Mac: Fixes bug where memory used creating GL capture movies to the native Quicktime format (Express Quicktime) was not freed until after the complete movie was saved.
  • Fixes bug that made it impossible for shader plugins to correctly react to 'receive shadows' being disabled.
  • Fixes the hair shader when 'receive shadows' is disabled.
  • Fixes potential crash dragging and dropping a camera assembly preset.
  • Fixes potential crash with drop actions and a bug that would cause selected actions to be ignored in some cases. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes potential crash with the embedded gradient editor. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes potential crash when a pie menu contained more than the maximum 8 entries.
  • Fixes potential crash when holding shift when selecting an image in the properties of an image layer in shader tree.
  • Fixes potential crash in filename indexing. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes bug where deformed Alembic meshes were all assumed to have a frame rate of 24 FPS.
  • Changes the Preset Browser 'mini' popup-like type now opens as a point-at popover. This provides immediate feedback to the current selection (since the popup widget updates, thereby hinting that simply clicking a preset will select it, which is important for the paint tools). Also fixes issues with the popover opening on the wrong screen, and a potential crash if you click twice on the widget quickly.
  • Fixes the vertMap.delete command to scan vertex maps to delete before mesh editing.
  • Fixes a wrong mesh change event in vertMap.setVertex command.
  • Fixes Collada case where after File > Reset, materials appear to import incorrectly.
  • Fixes bug where re-importing an OBJ duplicated materials.
  • SDK: Fixes bug where Const flag definitions were missing for tmod_Track.
  • Enables editing of the sheer and structure spring values for Soft Bodies.
  • Disables layout.clear, layout.restore, viewport.maximize and all other viewport manipulation commands that affect the layout, if the current frame is embedded in a Form View, since those are not intended to be edited by the user.
  • Changes the default EXR compression to zip, which give speed increases for compositing in After Effects and Nuke.
  • Updates Rigid Body default values for a better default simulation and sets global sleep thresholds before simulation start.
  • Fixes bug where a displacement map generated from Mudbox 2013 failed to load in modo.
  • Breaks GL Sync Refresh into two preferences, one to control VSync (synchronization of GL with the display), and one to control application sync (synchronization of modo with GL), since they have different use cases. Disabling 'Sync Application Response' will increase input lag, but also significantly increase frame rates for playback.
  • Windows/ATI: Fixes Smudge and Blur paint tool potential crash after which modo performance is degraded until next machine restart. Restores view Projection for tool painting.
  • Automatically disable GL application syncing during animation playback, since users won't really care about input lag, but do care about frame rates.
  • Improves how ideal pane width is calculated to avoid problems where they'd get wider as more sub-forms were added. Improved ideal width to make sure all of a control's hot area is visible all the time, fixing problems where very long boolean labels, such as those in the Command History Viewport Settings, would get truncated. Fixes ideal size computation to take into account margins, thus resolving issues where 'more' popovers would themselves contain popovers.
  • Fixes potential crashes in paint tools.
  • Fixes bug where, under some circumstances, the zoom scale for new schematic views was not initialized.
  • Raises lifetime limit of contacts for Rigid Body collision particle generation. Adds hidden user-configurable channels to solver for lifetime and depth for collision particle generation.
  • Fixes case where the Select.Between command would fail.
  • Fixes potential crash removing baked channel caches on item delete.
  • Fixes case where the poly.make command would generate a bad polygon.
  • Fixes case where the select.contract command would fail.
  • Fixes bug where the blur tools would turn colors black.
  • Linux: Fixes bug where clicking on an inactive modo window with a modifier key held didn't bring modo into focus.
  • Makes the Color Picker popover opaque, ensuring that the colors you see are the colors you're picking.
  • Fixes smudge tool issues by evaluating it on every sub-position, which is necessary to get the proper smudge blending effect.
  • Fixes a major memory leak in particle simulations containing channel modifiers.
  • Updates mesh curve modifier to support instance items, including local instance deformation.
  • Fixes volumetric shading updates to surfaces which were used for surface as volume.
  • Fixes Preview updates when changing the anisotropy UV map on advanced materials.
  • SDK: Reworks the adds the sphere-o-boom particle sample.
  • Computes the render process after setting up the render output, fixing delayed post processing adjustments in Preview.
  • Dynamics mesh scanner now checks for concavity. If mesh is not concave and and user requests the 'convex decomposition' collision shape, a hull collision shape is used, avoiding a potential crash.
  • Fixes bug with camera navigation in a camera viewport when the camera is dynamically parented to a locator.
  • Fixes potential crash loading a 701 Content scene in the Setup tab.
  • Fixes potential crash when changing shader attributes after hiding geometry.
  • Fixes bug where wireframe options were overwritten when changing styles.
  • Fixes bug with new drawing styles that caused problems with the 'Same As Active' setting.
  • Disables 'inherit velocity' on surface emitters during in-place live simulation. Prevents mesh edits -- which are interpreted by the emitter as changes over time -- from causing particles to fly off in seemingly random directions.
  • Fixes winding order of Soft Body triangles to match others in modo.
  • Fixes slow I/O performance using Realflow particle caches.
  • Fixes fur tangent being bad on the end-caps in final render, causing artifacts with the hair shader.
  • Fixes potential crash bridging bezier curves.
  • Fixes potential crash when dropping a PSD file with signed integer data into modo.
  • Force an immediate update of the modo window after menu is fired, fixing redraw errors on Mac.
  • Fixes skipping of bounding box display in GL.
  • Allows the package installer to target the Samples directory. Adds a new 'sample' element to the package installer plug-in (LPK). Adds better error handling when the manifest file (index.xml) is not found.
  • Checks the stroke mesh in mesh events to invalidate UV distortion since this causes a potential crash. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Removes simulation cache of the mesh channel after freezing mesh items, preventing distortion of the mesh when freezing.
  • Linux: Fixes bug where Preview render windows only updated when moving the mouse over them.
  • Fixes potential crash in the shader tree during a drop action. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes the title of the 'Actors, Actions and Sets' menu item and palette title. (The ampersand was causing issues on Windows)
  • Soft Body bend springs are no longer be created for vertices that share the same face.
  • Fixes depth of field rendering for blobs.
  • Fixes bug in Embedded Gradient Editors that could lead to potential crashes.
  • Mac: Only forces drawing update if menu is used, not keyboard shortcuts fixing redraw issues when using shortcuts for menu commands.
  • Fixes a potential crash with the weld vertex command. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes a case where the pen tool created two point spline patch polygons.
  • Fixes bug where the path constraint modifier didn't display driven values in channel list.
  • Fixes bug where the channel modifier property panel didn't disable channels that were being driven by a channel link or schematic connection.
  • Fixes bug where the channel modifier driven channel did not display correct value.
  • Fixes bug where the channels list didn't show values of channels that were driven by something else.
  • Fixes bug where the color widget was not updating when channels were driven.
  • Fixes potential crash trying to simulate a Soft Body generated from a particle simulation mesh, due to 2-point polys.
  • Fixes SpaceNavigator navigation in Preview. Fixes SpaceNavigator navigation in a camera view with Preview open
  • Improves the general performance of navigating in camera view with Preview open.
  • Fixes a bad per-particle emission rate for particle sources that have no velocity feature.
  • Fixes potential crash trying to cache particle simulation data to Realflow files in a read-only folder.
  • Fixes RayGL SpaceNavigator navigation.
  • Fixes hang when using the makeAnchor command/button to add pin/goal maps to a Soft Body mesh more than twice.
  • Adds a UI minimum setting of 1 for flocking neighbors, and clamps it during evaluation, in case it was rigged.
  • Fixes bug where old internal collision shapes were not being cleared before simulation. Fixes index error when setting Soft Body vertex positions when some of the vertices in the mesh are not part of a polygon.
  • Handles zero-length curves in the curve emitter, fixing a potential crash when drawing out a curve in a mesh used as input to a Curve emitter. Zero tangent vectors at any point fail to emit a particle.
  • Fixes CSG boolean command to not set the active mesh to a driver item.
  • Fixes potential crash when instanced objects collide. Fixes problem where fractured or instanced pieces didn't work with collisions.
  • Moves shader group mask with the 'FX' context under the FX item during preset loading.
  • Adds 'cumulus' volume particle type for cloud layer simulations.
  • Updates popover dismissal behaviors. Popup controls always handle a click on themselves that also dismisses a popover/popup, thus making it easy to quickly click between popups. Clicking to dismiss a popover now dismisses all popovers up to the window clicked in, thus making it easier to clear nested popovers. Adds functions to force simple popovers to dismiss via click-off or roll-off instead of their default dismissal behavior. Point-at popovers are not affected, and are always click-off. Clicking in a 3D view to dismiss a popover/popup now lets the 3D view also handle the click, rather than the dismissal eating it. This allows users to go right from the Snapping popover to using a tool, without needing to do a second click after the popover is dismissed. Adds a preference to change the default simple popover dismissal behavior. Moves palette and popup/popover transparency preferences to the UI section.
  • SDK: Fixes various compiler warnings in files that are part of the common/cwrap project. Updates the VS2010 project and solution for a new file.
  • Fixes potential crash on renaming by inline edit on vertex map list. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes potential crash or hang selecting "none" on the Pie Layout Switcher with a custom layout present.
  • Fixes bug where using a falloff as a deformer didn't work in 701.
  • Restores copy/paste for group items.
  • If a Form View gets narrower than the vtabs within, the vtabs are themselves hidden, leaving an empty viewport.
  • Fixes bug where telnet connections were lost.
  • Fixes Python markup for mesh-related interfaces, particularly Point::New(), Polygon::PTagCount() and several booleans.
  • Fixes potential crash hitting tab while simulating.
  • Fixes bug where simple popovers reopened as point-at popovers in seemingly arbitrary locations.
  • Fixes potential crashes using Particles from Mesh.
  • Fixes hang simulating with a disabled Anchor.
  • Fixes potential crash deleting polygons from a particular mesh after a live simulation is run.
  • Fixes label on anchor from 'Hardness' to 'Map'. Removes unused subCollisions channel from anchors.
  • Fixes audio on timeline to save as a relative, neutral-path name.
  • Fixes issue with Preview flags not being saved correctly when saving a progressive render.
  • Fixes bug where the Normalization folder wasn't copied when copying rigged elements from one scene to another.
  • Fixes potential crashes rendering scenes with meshes set to cage mode.
  • Fixes particle autoupdate for Particles from Mesh.
  • Fixes potential crash converting an MDD driven mesh to a soft body.
  • Fixes Particle to Mesh conversion when the vmap doesn't map to a vertex feature and adds a monitor for conversions on heavy particle/meshes systems.
  • Bases the hauling amount on the Time Tool on the width of the viewport and the current time range.
  • Allows the Time Tool UI to be repositioned by dragging on the display.
  • Fixes bug where Particles from Mesh didn't preserve particle orientation.
  • Fixes errors using MMB to set keyframes on boolean channels, such as the Render visibility channel of a Mesh.
  • Fixes bug where non-mesh locators were failing to simulate. They now become simple dynamic spheres.
  • The Convex Decomposition collision shape now runs on separate polygon islands and will test each island separately for concavity. Non-concave islands become hulls. This should help the perceived hangs with decomped shapes.
  • Fixes bug where forms were not updating when channels changed.
  • Linux: Fixes bug which caused modo to not load on Fedora 18.
  • Fixes a potential crash with the vertex collapse command. (automatic potential crash reporting).
  • Fixes a potential crash using the bridge tool with an undefined face normal. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes bug where shading updates to volumes would re-add the particles in the volume.
  • Fixes potential crash when editing a mesh during a simulation.
  • Fixes tooltips for constraints and springs. Fixes bug in the setRestLength command, where it was not updating to read both graph connections on the same side and was returning the incorrect value.
  • Fixes normal direction error with Soft Body forces. Normalizes force vector prior to front face test.
  • Fixes the bridge tool to use topological information to find start vertex to bridge open edge groups, if possible.
  • Removes type argument in item.editorColor command, instead using the subtype list mechanism.
  • Fixes scene import issue with light and environment shader folders.
  • Fixes potential crash when foreign geometry is added to a particle mesh. Clears buffer on each frame during mesh to particle conversion to clear any existing particle values. Selects mesh item after particle to mesh conversion.
  • Fixes bug where Particle Age driving a gradient didn't render correctly.
  • Fixes shading update potential crash on render boolean surfaces.
  • Fixes potential crash simulating Soft Bodies.
  • Fixes bug with Soft Bodies, where using local mass would cause it to be multiplied by the Soft Body's area.
  • Check that Soft Body surfaces have area before trying to apply mass based on area, avoiding bad mass values.
  • Generating clusters for Soft Bodies will no longer be attempted if there are non-face polygons in the mesh. Non-face polygons are no longer added as faces, but as linked vertices (nodes).
  • Fixes common potential crash freeing render slot data twice. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes bug with the right-click menu on the Groups tab, that was disabling Rename on the menu.
  • Fixes potential crash toggling visibility in the shader tree. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes potential crash when sculpting.
  • Fixes potential crash changing a mesh item with a simulation cache and then re-simulating.
  • Fixes blob shading when using a gradient on particle velocity.
  • Fixes error and potential crash editing the graph of an instanced gradient and then the source gradient.
  • Fixes bug where copy and paste did not work with material diffuse color.
  • Fixes sculpt symmetry when using rotated brushes.
  • Fixes sticky convex collisions with very small collision margins.
  • Fixes GL potential crash when hitting tab during a live particle simulation if the mesh is part of the simulation.
  • Fixes bug causing dynamics simulation difference between Mac and Windows.
  • The session file is now updated whenever a scene is closed or saved. This ensures that if the app potential crashes after the user has saved, but before the next auto-save, the most recently saved file is loaded. It also avoids problems with recently-closed scenes being reloaded if they were open the last time the session file was saved.
  • Fixes potential crash with the item.bake command.
  • Fixes potential crash due to hit testing stale states on tree panes.
  • Fixes enveloped state of channels holding nothing but baked values, when read outside their baked range.
  • Fixes potential crash undoing while multires sculpting.
  • Fixes NaN in surface as volume evaluation during texture evaluation.
  • Adds tool handle axis support for items with dynamic parenting.
  • Fixes shader tree filtering bug, causing errors and potential crashes in 'flat' mode.
  • Fixes extra FX item deletion when there are referenced FX items.
  • Linux: Fixes bug where ctrl+enter was not working on text fields.
  • Linux: Fixes bug where missing image dialogs did not display the missing image filename.
  • Fixes problems with paths containing apostrophes by changing init code to use Python API directly instead of executing strings.
  • Fixes a bug in which stale camera directions were being used for computing depth output values in scenes that have motion blurred camera rotation.
  • Fixes potential crash changing time and stepping into a reference scene, with a Render Camera viewport open. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Adds full Preview updates in cases where a light has a volume attached to it.
  • Fixes a potential crash with the Topology pen. (automatic potential crash reporting).
  • Changes some default attributes of Contour tool to match the Re-topo workflow.
  • Updates proxy.restore command to restore shaders related to a source item into the main scene.
  • Fixes range selection and keyboard navigation in trees after adding items.
  • Fixes a bug in tree navigation, if the first item in the tree is the parent.
  • Fixes potential crashes in Form Editor.
  • Fixes the command in component mode to work as in item mode when no mesh elements are present in a scene.
  • Fixes issues caused by group locator bounding boxes.
  • Fixes group keying buttons to key all group members, not just items.
  • Removes incorrect functionality where multiple render passes were being added to the same layered image. Passes are now always stored in separate layered files.
  • Fixes drag and drop onto static meshes.
  • Adds clip reload/replace/open folder commands in shader tree item menu config.
  • Fixes potential crash with the mouse handler.
  • Adds 'material.selectPolygons' command, accessible from the shader tree context menu as ‘Select Polygons’.
  • Windows: Fixes potential crash using the zoom widget in the Graph Editor.
  • Fixes bug where timeline keys were out of sync with their curves when panning or zooming in the Graph Editor, especially during animation playback.
  • Fixes issue where dead/culled particles were breaking the random number generation. Now, if an incoming particle source has particle IDs, those are used to seed the random number generator on a per-particle basis.
  • Windows/ATI: Fixes potential crash with blur and smudge paint tools.
  • Prevents the 501 recoil kit from loading in 701, probably fixing many ‘random’ potential crashes.
  • Fixes bug where Advanced OpenGL was not displaying deforming meshes correctly.
  • Fixes bugs where replicators did not instance symmetrically and were not working correctly with point source animation or deformation.
  • Changes select.contract command to deselect border polygons only when all polygons in the part are selected, preserving select.contract behavior where selection locks to an open border.
  • Fixes potential crash with proxy items, when specific items are missing in proxy file.
  • Protects against NULL keys, preventing potential crashes. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes update of GL when cameras are deleted.
  • Fixes bug where Compound Rigid Bodies didn't respond to particle forces correctly.
  • Fixes potential crash deleting an image from the Images tab of the Paint layout.
  • Optimizations for volume particle rendering speed (blobs, sprites, etc).
  • Linux: Fixes bug where tabbing between item property text fields would happen in the wrong order or skip channels entirely.
  • Linux: Fixes Preview not updating correctly when tabbing between text fields.
  • Converts image map sculpting to use the new sculpt stroke mechanism. Fixes the boundary condition in image editing code that could result in a memory corruption and potential crash.
  • Fixes a bug where closed scenes weren't properly purged from the modo session file, causing them to reload on potential crash recovery.
  • SDK: Fixes potential crash in CLxLoc_RaycastPacket using calls to HitEdge and HitVertex.
  • Fixes bug where the Setup tab/layout would break when opening certain older scenes and then changing to the Setup tab/layout.
  • Fixes broken commandservice category.categories SQ query.
  • Fixes potential crash trying to relax uvs on multiple items.
  • Prevents potential crash in the local action center. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Prevents potential crash with dimension tool when no tool viewport is available. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Enables 'local shader' by default, fixing Render Boolean shading.
  • Fixes bug where the texture layer was not showing the correct associated image in the image map field.

  • <l<br/>
    i>SDK:li Fixes bug where Package Servers with the tag LXsPKG_CREATECMD="-" were still appearing in the Item list’s Add Item menu.
  • Fixes residual light leaking through opaque surfaces from volumetric lights.
  • Adds 'Align Particle to Path' option to the Particles From Mesh feature.
  • Sets channel values for presets even if their value is the same as their default.
  • Fixes potential crash zeroing a channel in a channel set.
  • Fixes bug where certain OBJs that loaded in 601 would not load in 701.
  • Fixes potential crash undoing the creation of a Rigid Body if a simulation fails to run.
  • Fixes the inability to paste keys into actions.
  • Fixes bug where keys were not visible on instances, unless selected.
  • Skips drawing of keys for channels which have the 'undefined' state (i.e. belong to an Action that hasn't been written to yet).
  • Disallows selection of keys on channels that have an 'undefined' state.
  • Fixes STL format: Adds initial 'solid' and final 'end solid' lines and changed 'facet' to 'facet normal'.
  • Draws channels with an 'undefined' state as stippled and dimmer in the Graph Editor.
  • Fixes bug which would cause popovers to jump around when they were re-opened.
  • Fixes the '' command to not drop channel selections.
  • Fixes bug where the image tile cache preference didn't work.
  • Fixes potential crash with Flex tool in symmetry mode.
  • Invalidates item list data when item tags change.
  • Fixes potential crash adding a new modifier key.
  • Fixes issues with image ink on displacement maps and multires edits with the new stroke engine.
  • Windows Vista: Fixes potential crash on launch using AVX matrix composition for Vista version SP1 or later.
  • Fixes bug where Render Booleans would appear incorrectly in Preview.
  • Fixes bug where the background dropdown in the Topo tab didn't work.
  • Fixes memory leak with tiled EXRs.
  • Fixes bug where proxy scenes with default named meshes were ignored.
  • Fixes image ink threaded evaluation on displacement maps.
  • Fixes bug where the Realflow importer could skip files.
  • Linux: Adds error message for scenes that contain IK items, which aren't currently supported.
  • Linux: Fixes bug where the Linux properties list displayed by MMB-clicking on an item wasn't enabled until MMB was clicked again.
  • Fixes potential crash changing light type or converting a mesh to static with Preview open.
  • Fixes brush rotation on symmetrical sculpt strokes.
  • Fixes brush position on initial stamp brush.
  • Fixes geometry hit testing when using the stamp brush and releasing the mouse outside of geometry.
  • Restoring the layout of the main window on startup now fires the post-restore command, fixing issues where item mode was not always enabled in tabs where it should be by default.
  • Removes the automatic item mode selection from the Layout, Setup and Render layouts.
  • Adds export selected layers custom command plugin.
  • Fixes potential crash with irregular topology meshes with PSUB polygons in UV space.
  • Fixes seam on displaced curves by not joining the first and last vertex on a ring with a polygon.
  • Adds warning of data loss when changing to cage mode on a PSUB mesh with sculpt data.
  • Avoids potential crash by removing a monitor during frame buffer loading that occurred while redrawing.
  • Fixes potential crash on loading a particular scene.
  • Fixes potential crash loading 701 Content Samples/Render/Devil Lighting Passes.lxo, due to incorrect loading of TIFF image.
  • Fixes bug where duplicating lights would cause errors in the shader tree.
  • SDK: Updates XCode project to build all files and fixed compile error due to missing header.
  • Fixes potential crash loading a 32 bit floating-point TIFF.
  • Removes the dialog suppression ('!!') from the scene.saveAs command, fixing a problem with smoothing on exported OBJs.
  • Fixes multires masking.
  • Improves quality of vector displacement sculpting.
  • Returns Screen X, Y, and R input options for Gradients added to Environments.
  • Fixes bug where normals would reverse on short distance particle-dynamic body collisions.
  • Fixes random potential crash in edit actions. (automatic potential crash reporting)
  • Fixes bug where 'Linear UVs' control on meshes could not be turned off after loading a scene with a mesh where it was enabled.
  • SDK: Updates VS2008 project.
  • Fixes bugs where render booleans appeared correctly in Preview but were incorrect and may have exposed a memory leak when rendered.
  • Linux: Fixes potential crash when toggling the move tool while the cursor was over tool properties.

Questions and answersluxology modo 701

modo 701 has received many improvements across the board, big and small. This page documents a lot of the changes, and links to the appropriate page of the documentation so users familiar with modo can get the information they need and start working with the new features right away.

Edge Bevel- New 'Edge Shape - Square' mode makes adding holding edges for SubD cages a breeze.
Bridge Tool- Expanded functionality with new 'auto connection' and 'continuous bridge' options.
Contour Tool- Retopology booster generates section silhouettes based on slices of a surface.
Topology Pen- New 'Point' and 'Fill' modes make retopology work even faster.
Boolean commands- Boolean, Solid and Axis Drill have new controls and options.
Freeze command- New 'Tessellation' option toggle allows freezing a deformed mesh without affecting its current Sub-D state.
Work Plane Tool- Allows for interactive placement of the Work plane using a transform widget.
Pen Tool- Retopology enhancement, 'Select New' option allows for selection toggling while the tool is still active.
Vertex Tool- Now creates single point polygons instead of straight vertices.
Mirror Vertex Map- New command allows users to easily mirror a vertex map to any destination.
Split Vertex Normals- New options for adding creased and smoothed edges to an existing vertex normal map.
Clipboard Enhancement- Copy and Paste of Edges will now result in a string of two-point polygons.
Copy & Paste Behavior- New Preference option to control what is selected/deselected in a Copy/Paste procedure.
Merge and Unmerge- New Item List menu command to combine and break apart mesh pieces within a layer.
Convert to Multiresolution- New commands converts any type of image based sculpting to the superior MultiRes format.
Sculpting Masks- Users can now interactively paint sculpting masks defining areas that wont be affected.
Sculpting HUD- Viewport palette for visually controlling MultiRes levels as well as important Brush controls.
Paint tool Performance improvements now also work with the sculpting tools making sculpting much faster across the board.
Particles- Newly introduced procedural Particle system is fully integrated into the dynamics system allowing for interactions between particles and rigid bodies.
Fluid Solver- Combined with a Particle Simulation, Dynamic Fluids can be achieved by adding the new Fluid Solver.
Flocking- New Particle Flocking behavior that creates groupings of particles in motion.
Particle Modifiers- Modifiers can be added to Point Clouds and Particle simulations providing greater control.
Dynamics- Overhauled dynamics system is now more robust and many times faster.
Forces- New 'Wind' force and 'Curve' force options provide additional controls to Particle and Dynamic Simulations.
Audio Support- Audio files can now be added to a scene for sync and exported with Quicktime video files.
Graph Editor- Completely reworked graph editor with many new functions and controls to enhance the animation workflow.
Dope Sheet- New enhancements to the Dope Sheet/Track View give users better control over the visible length of time.
Pose Tool- New Dynamic Pinning options allows users Dynamic Parenting-like functionality when posing and animating.
Add User Channel- New channel 'Type' options make Users Channels even more flexible.
Timeline Rollovers- When 'Show Rollovers' is enabled, highlighted elements will also display any associated keyframes.
Time Tool- Middle Mouse Button click automatically scrubs the timeline at the correct speed when animating.
Dynamic Parenting- New drag and drop interface for easier Dynamic Parenting.
Motion Path Editing- Bezier-style motion path editing directly in the 3D viewport.
Keying Hierarchy- Hierarchy controls allow users to designate which items in a hierarchy receive keyframes automatically.
Keying Tool- The Keying Tool provides a convenient interface for keyframing directly in the 3D viewports.
Channel Sets- Groups of channels from a variety of items can be gathered and displayed in the Channel Haul interface.
Key Sets- Provide a convenient and quick way to assign keyframes to multiple channels at once, even on unrelated items.
Channel Sound- Audio Channel Modifier allows users to use any waveforms amplitude as a channel controller.
New Modifiers- Waveform, Math Operators, additional Matrix controllers, Expression, Random and more.
Item Based Shading- Users can now easily apply Shaders outside of the Shader Tree making it possible to make single items invisible to the camera for instance without any Shader Tree layer shenanigans.
Texture Offset- New layer Effect type allows any texture map values to displace those of another layer.
Scattering Filter Distance- New Hair Shading option helps to reduce or eliminate noisy renders when using Fur.
Occlusion Texture Cache- New cache options for Occlusion can speed up renders and smooth out the resulting shading.
Fur Vertex Map controls- New Fur options allow vertex weight maps to be used to controls density and length.
Material Mode- The Shader Tree has a new 'Material' mode view that displays layers by Tag and/or Item selection.
Shading Library- Scenes can contain a Library of Materials, like Presets, that can be easily applied and modified.
Render Preview- Greatly enhanced Preview viewport allows saving and loading of progressive renders, respects the Render items Antialiasing settings, allows Drag&Drop functionality, and provides a modal progress bar when rendering animations.
Render Curves- New option to 'Render Curves as Polygons' allowing users to use Displacement Maps. Radius Gradient option allows users to easily control the radius of the resulting curve along its length.
Improved Physical Daylight Illumination Model- The old method has been completely replaced by a much more realistic model.
Environment Fog- Fog can now be applied as part of the Environment material with a new 'Layered' fog option.
Environment Importance Sampling- New option for Global Illumination produces cleaner results using far less rays.
Animateable Render Camera- Current Render camera can be animated and assigned to individual Passes.
Render Proxies- Users can convert individual layers to render-time Proxies, external files that only load when rendering.
701 Interface- New streamlined workspaces refine modo's already fluid workflow for even greater accessibility and speed.
Enhancement to viewport icons to maximize/minimize windows within a group and open the viewports Options panel.
Layout Switcher- New shortcut for layout switching increases productivity and screen real-estate by eliminating tabs.
Embedded gradient editors allow the easy modification of values for many items, such as curve width along its length, emission strength of particle along a curves length, tapering of Fur fibers and many more.
Drag to Toggle- Users can now simply drag over multiples of layers in the Items List to automatically toggle them all.
Colored Coded Layers- Coloring of layers in Lists viewports can be applied using the contextual menus.
Point-At Popovers- New Popover type of viewport points at the button that spawned the window.
Item List Keyboard Navigation- The keyboard arrow pad can now be used to navigate the Items list selections.
Viewport Display Options- New viewport controls to independently customize the display of active and inactive layers.
Python Support- New Python interpreter allows much faster and broader Python support.

Bake Geometry Cache- Convert complex rendertime geoemtry, such a Displacement and Fur to actual Mesh Items.


701 Interface- New streamlined workspaces refine modo's already fluid workflow for even greater accessibility and speed.

Enhancement to viewport icons to maximize/minimize windows within a group and open the viewports Options panel.

Layout Switcher- New shortcut for layout switching increases productivity and screen real-estate by eliminating tabs.

Embedded gradient editors allow the easy modification of values for many items, such as curve width along its length, emission strength of particle along a curves length, tapering of Fur fibers and many more.

Drag to Toggle- Users can now simply drag over multiples of layers in the Items List to automatically toggle them all.

Colored Coded Layers- Coloring of layers in Lists viewports can be applied using the contextual menus.

Modo 701 позволяет Вам сохранять видео в следующих форматах
Quicktime MOV
WMV Movie

Системные требования:
ОС: Windows 7/8, Vista или XP SP3 (64 бит)
Intel Xeon/Core 2 Duo или Quad/Core i7 или AMD Opteron/Phenom процессор(ы)
3 GB свободного места на диске для установки контента
Графическая карта с поддержкой OpenGL 2.1 и разрешением 1280?800
Мышка или планшет (поддерживается степень нажатия для планшетов)

Активация | Рег. код: Keygen-Xforce
Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8.
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер файла: 1.99 GB

Скачать Luxology Modo 701 Build 61434 SP2 + Content Pack