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Poser 8 2010 Pro Beta"Poser 8 2010 Pro Beta "
Poser 8 2010 Pro Beta


V4 Elite Bundle"V4 Elite Bundle "
V4 Elite Bundle для Poser
PoserОписание этих моделей для

Poser models OutofTouch"Poser models OutofTouch "
Poser models OutofTouch

PoserОписание моделей автора OutofTouch для

Great Big Bushy Beard is suffering some internet trouble, as such, will be unavailable for the next week or so. The update i have pushed should fix the crash caused by OVK's recent update (removing the snow effects and christmas tree from the main menu)

This version does work. however, do not update automatically via BLT until it's been patched by Beard himself.

Poser Pro 11

Poser Pro 11 is the complete solution for creating art and animation with 3D characters. Includes over 5 GB of human and animal figures and 3D elements. Render scenes into photorealistic images and video for web, print, and film projects. As a standalone character animation system, or as a component in your production pipeline, Poser Pro 11 is the most efficient way for content creation professionals and production teams to add pre-rigged, fully-textured, posable and animation ready 3D characters in any project.

  • NEW! Physically Based Rendering

  • NEW! Improvements to Cartoon OpenGL Render

  • NEW! Area lights, caustics and volumetric materials

  • Fitting Room to convert your existing clothing and props to fit any figure Weight Map Creation Tools

  • Max, Maya, C4D, Lightwave and GoZ Integration

  • Network Rendering

  • 64 Bit Native Application

  • Game Development Features

  • 3D Content Creation Tools

Poser Color

Poser Rendered


Michael. Все абсолютно аналогично. Последняя версия 4.2.
Сокращенно M4. По-русски Мишка или Майкл.

Изначально устанавливается базовая комплектация (Base) Вики
и Миши, а потом уже так называемые Морфы (Morphs++). Морфы – это «колесики», покрутив за которые, можно
поменять форму, размер, расположение какой-то части 3Д-модели. Например, можно
поменять размер груди у Виктории =), повернув соответствующие колесики
(достаточно один раз открыть прогу Позер – и Вы обязательно их найдете: в Позере
у всего есть «колеса» - для регулирования параметров разных).

все это хозяйство…

Victoria 4.2 Basecкачать

- Запускаем установку. Все можно указать по умолчанию, а вот, чтобы привычнее было работать с библиотеками, советую в предложении указать место родного рантайма, выбрать Poser Directiry
- После установки ни в коем случае не перегружая(бывают глюки, правда редко), запускаем приложение и вводим регистрационные данные.


A poser is someone who tries hard to be something they arent. Usually, posers call other people posers because they are jealous that the person they called a poser is more skater/stoner/goth/punk/rocker/grunge/etc. than they will ever be.


Poser figures]edit[

Poser's specially designed figures are commonly known as Poser Figures, Poser Models, Poser Content, Digital Actors, or Digital Puppets. Early versions of Poser were bundled with fully clothed humanoid figures specifically designed for the then-current version of Poser. Next, add-on packages of human figures were sold by the manufacturer of Poser. Soon, third party companies began creating figures which work with Poser. As clothing became separate from the humanoid figure, collections of 3D garments were created for specific models which conform to the shape and pose of the Poser figure. 'Poses' for figures were packaged and sold by the software vendor and by third parties. 'Morphs' allowing customization of body or face shape or other features are also for sale. Skin textures, frequently combined with settings for morph technology, are marketed to allow one base model to be customized into many 'characters'; similar 'texture' packages allow one garment to take on many appearances, an animal to represent different breeds of the same species, or a vehicle to show many colour schemes.

Development of figures]edit[

Each major release of Poser has come with a new generation of figures for use with the tool, however separate figures rapidly became available as the content market developed. Notably Zygote (later DAZ 3D) made a Poser model of a young woman, higher-resolution than Posette, and called her "the Millennium Girl". Poser users often colloquially shortened this name to "Millie". Zygote, disliking this name, officially named her Victoria, which is often colloquially shortened to Vicky. Victoria then became the initial member of a large family of figures which has developed across four generations of technology. After they merged with Gizmoz in late 2009, DAZ 3D released all their Poser figures as free downloads, but withdrew the free versions of their pre-Genesis figures when genesis was released.

Content market]edit[

Because Poser figures are very inexpensive and useful for commercial illustrators, an entire cottage industry has developed to create and market Poser figures and other content. The market is a combination of several large distributors, who often also develop products, and of individual artists who often use one or more of the larger distributors to handle the sale of their products. Both the distributors and individual artists are involved in the creation of Poser figures, clothing, poses, morphs, textures and characters.

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Подробно о дисках с дополнительными моделями для Poser:

)Модель Victoria   (Poser 1" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модели Victoria и Michael   (Poser 2" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модель Stephanie   (Poser 3" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модель Victoria   (Poser 4" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модель Stephanie   (Poser 5" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модели Freak , Maya Doll , Milenium Boy , Milenium Girl   (Poser 6" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модели Sara , Koshini , Staci   (Poser 7" для Коллекция моделей"
)Коллекция причёсок   (Poser 8" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модели автомобилей и сцены   (Poser 9" для Коллекция моделей"
)Текстуры,морфы и MAT файлы для Victoria (Poser 10" для Коллекция моделей"
)Модель девушки Girl     (Poser Диск1" для Girl"Модель
)Модель девушки Girl     (Poser Диск2" для Girl"Модель
)Модель девушки LaRoo             (Poser" для Модель LaRoo"
) 1CDМодель девушки Aiko       (Poser" 1CD для Aiko"Модель
) 2CDМодель девушки Aiko       (Poser" 2CD для Aiko"Модель
)Коллекция животных,птиц,насекомых                  (Poser" для Животные"
)Коллекция двуногих монстров троллей орков и другой нечисти                    (Poser" для Монстры"
)Разнообразные готовые сцены для Poser       (Poser" 1 для Готовые сцены"
)Разнообразные готовые сцены для Poser       (Poser" 2 для Готовые сцены"
)Разнообразные готовые BVH файлы движения для Poser"                (BVH файлы движения"
)Детские модели Milenium Girl & Milenium Boy для Poser"                    (Milenium Girl & Boy"
)Модели Koshini Ichiro Kiki для Poser"                       (Koshini Ichiro Kiki"

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