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There is a special trade department at Stepney Causeway, consisting of a show-room and several large and airy stores.

The Airy function also underlies the form of the intensity near an optical directional caustic, such as that of the rainbow. Historically, this was the mathematical problem that led Airy to develop this special function. The Airy function is also important in microscopy and astronomy; it describes the pattern, due to diffraction and interference, produced by a point source of light (one which is smaller than the resolution limit of a microscope or telescope).


Plot of Ai(

) in red and Bi(

) in blue

For real values of x, the Airy function of the first kind can be defined by the improper Riemann integral:

In 1830, Airy calculated the lengths of the polar radius and equatorial radius of the earth using measurements taken in the UK. Although his measurements were superseded by more accurate radius figures (such as those used for GRS 80 and WGS84) his Airy geoid (strictly a reference ellipsoid, OSGB36) is still used by Great Britain's Ordnance Survey for mapping of England, Scotland and Wales because it better fits the local sea level (about 80 cm below world average).]8[]9[

Planetary inequalities]edit[

Airy's discovery of a new inequality in the motions of Venus and the Earth is in some respects his most remarkable achievement. In correcting the elements of Delambre's solar tables he had been led to suspect an inequality overlooked by their constructor. The cause of this he did not long seek in vain; thirteen times the mean motion of Venus is so nearly equal to eight times that of Earth that the difference amounts to only a small fraction of Earth's mean motion, and from the fact that the term depending on this difference, although very small in itself, receives in the integration of the differential equations a multiplier of about 2,200,000, Airy was led to infer the existence of a sensible inequality extending over 240 years (Phil. Trans. cxxii. 67). The investigation was probably the most laborious that had been made up to Airy's time in planetary theory, and represented the first specific improvement in the solar tables effected in England since the establishment of the theory of gravitation. In recognition of this work the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society was awarded to him in 1833 (he would win it again in 1846).

Astronomer Royal]edit[

Airy's Transit Circle in the Transit Circle Room, Greenwich

In June 1835 Airy was appointed Astronomer Royal in succession to John Pond, and began his long career at the national observatory which constitutes his chief title to fame. The condition of the observatory at the time of his appointment was such that Lord Auckland, the first Lord of the Admiralty, considered that "it ought to be cleared out," while Airy admitted that "it was in a queer state." With his usual energy he set to work at once to reorganise the whole management. He remodelled the volumes of observations, put the library on a proper footing, mounted the new (Sheepshanks) equatorial and organised a new magnetic observatory. In 1847 an altazimuth was erected, designed by Airy to enable observations of the moon to be made not only on the meridian, but whenever it might be visible.]10[ In 1848 Airy invented the reflex zenith tube to replace the zenith sector previously employed. At the end of 1850 the great transit circle of 203 mm (8 inch) aperture and 3.5 m (11 ft 6 in) focal length was erected, and is still the principal instrument of its class at the observatory. The mounting in 1859 of an equatorial of 330 mm (13 inch) aperture evoked the comment in his journal for that year, "There is not now a single person employed or instrument used in the observatory which was there in Mr Pond's time"; and the transformation was completed by the inauguration of spectroscopic work in 1868 and of the photographic registration of sunspots in 1873.

airy — [adj1] open to the atmosphere aerial, atmospheric, blowy, breezy, drafty, exposed, fluttering, fresh, gaseous, gusty, light, lofty, out of doors, uncluttered, vaporous, ventilated, well ventilated, windy; concept 583 Ant. close, closed,… …   New thesaurus

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Airy's theme is "The Evil One", the theme played during her initial boss battle. Her boss themes are "The Evil Battle", in her larval state, and "The Evil Flight", in her pupal and ultimate forms.

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Airy is voiced by Makoto Tsumura in Japanese and Stephanie Sheh in English. She shares her English voice actress with Praline à la Mode and Airy's sister.

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the room was bright and airy  

номер был светлый и просторный  

The room is open, light, and airy.  

Номер является открытым, легким и воздушным.  

He refused with an airy wave of his hand.  

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number | vector | matrix | multidimensional array | symbolic number | symbolic variable | symbolic vector | symbolic matrix | symbolic multidimensional array | symbolic function | symbolic expression — Inputx

Input, specified as a number, vector, matrix, or multidimensional
array, or a symbolic number, variable, vector, matrix, multidimensional
array, function, or expression.

0 (default) | number | vector | matrix | multidimensional array | symbolic number | symbolic variable | symbolic vector | symbolic matrix | symbolic multidimensional array — Type of Airy functionn

Type of Airy function, specified as a number, vector, matrix,
or multidimensional array, or a symbolic number, variable, vector,
matrix, or multidimensional array. The values of the input must be 0, 1, 2,
or 3, which specify the Airy function as follows.



0 (default)

Airy function, Ai(x),
which is the same as airy(x).


Derivative of Airy function, Ai'(x).


Airy function of the second kind, Bi(x).


Derivative of Airy function of the second kind, Bi'(x).

And I hold ambition of so airy and light a quality, that it is but a shadow's shadow.

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