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Д office home and business 2016 for mac

The three ways to get your hands on Office 2016

This week, Office 2016 arrives for Windows and the software is a major upgrade to the previous versions of Microsoft's productivity suite. If you're eager to use the new apps, they are available now, but first, you have to figure out how you'll purchase them.

Long gone are the days of grabbing a box of CDs at the store -- today, subscriptions are the norm, but they're not the only way to buy. Because of that, you get several different ways to buy Office 2016, and you'll be forgiven if you don't know which one to pick. Microsoft doesn't exactly make it simple to tell the difference between your choices.

To make the decision a bit easier, this guide will go over the three different ways to use Office and what you get with each pick.

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Outlook will let you easily manage your email, calendar, contacts, tasks and planner. Cut down long email threads by grouping them under one subject with conversation view, freeing up space in your inbox. View your calendars side by side for easy planning and merge all your emails, from work and home, into a single folder with a unified inbox to sort your daily correspondence in one place. The .PST Import and Export Wizard lets you migrate your Outlook messages, contacts, calendar items, tasks, and notes from Windows to your Mac.

Идеальный вариант для семей, которым нужен Office на одном ПК с ОС Windows. Благодаря функциям, экономящим ваше время, а также понятному и современному внешнему виду всех ваших программ? теперь можно еще быстрее справляться со школьными заданиями и личными проектами. Берегите свои документы и храните их в интернет-хранилище OneDrive, чтобы они были доступны в любой момент и с любого устройства.

Программное обеспечение и облачные сервисы компании Microsoft подорожают. Соответствующее заявление сделал гигант мира IT. Повышение стоимости продуктов компании ожидается с 1 января 2016 года.


Comparatively, the Office 2013 version of Windows cost $140 for Home & Student, $220 for the Home & Business edition and $400 for Office 2013 Professional. Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 cost $120 and $200 for Home & Business.

Пакет программ Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business включает:

The Office 365 subscription services, which were previously aimed towards business and enterprise users, were expanded for Office 2016 to include new plans aimed at home use. The subscriptions allow use of the Office 2016 applications by multiple users using a software as a service model. Different plans are available for Office 365, some of which also include value-added services, such as 1 TB of OneDrive storage and 60 Skype minutes per month on the Home Premium plan.

The user interface design of Office 2016 for Windows is relatively unchanged from its predecessor, Office 2013. It retains the flat design that was introduced along with the Metro design language, albeit a few modifications to the layout are made, in order to conform with the design of Microsoft Office Mobile.]22[ When Office 2016 was released, it came with three themes. The default theme, known as "colorful", features a solid colour on the top band of the ribbon, corresponding to the colour of the Office app being used, for example, a solid dark blue is featured prominently in Microsoft Word. The theme had been described as useful in making the tab headings more distinct.]23[ In addition, both the "white" and "dark grey" themes from Office 2013 are available as well, though, no new backgrounds have been added, nor existing backgrounds removed.]23[ A fourth 'Black' color theme was added as part of an update in January 2016.]24[


Системные требования:

  1. Процессор с набором инструкций SSE2 x86 или x64.
  2. 1 Гигабайт ОЗУ (для 64-разрядных систем нужно 2 Гигабайта).
  3. 3 Гигабайта свободного места на HDD.
  4. Монитор с разрешением 1024 x 768 и более.
  5. Нужна поддержка видеокартной DirectX10

Корпоративная лицензия Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, одноязычная, Open License со стандартным уровнем цен. Поставляется в рамках корпоративного соглашения.'

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