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Д microsoft office home and student 2016 for mac

Microsoft Office 2016 Release Date, Price and Specs

Roughly three years since its last major update, Microsoft has finally brought Office into the modern working world.

This new version, called Office 2016 on both Mac and PC, is the first to have collaboration and sharing tools that closely match what Google Docs has had for years. You can finally work with other people on a document, spreadsheet or presentation in real time, seeing what they are editing as they make changes.

Microsoft also added integrations with its search engine Bing and messaging and video-calling app Skype. These welcome additions blend seamlessly into the apps and continue Office's tradition of having special extra features that it's competitors don't.

For Office, which in recent years has been challenged by cheaper (or free) alternatives, the news is a big deal. It keeps Microsoft ahead of the pack, especially for customers who can't get by with another application. But can the updates do anything to win back folks who switched to the apps that Google and Apple have?


Create and share professional-looking documents with state-of-the-art editing, reviewing, and sharing tools. The new Design tab provides quick access to features, and Smart Lookup shows relevant contextual information from the web directly inside Word.

OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint are all in the Open and Save dialogs (and just as on Windows, Add a Service doesn't list any other cloud services yet, particularly not iCloud). However, you don't get the Other Web Locations list from Office 2013, which is a handy way of getting back to documents you've opened from websites. They're in the Recent documents list, which includes documents from cloud services that you've edited on other computers, but there isn't a central place to look back at them.

If you want to open or save a document on your Mac, or on a network or external drive, you click the On My Mac button in the dialog to switch to a standard OS X file dialog (although there's an Online Locations button to get back to the cloud file dialog). Perhaps confusingly, the On My Mac dialog is where you can save and open iCloud files – that's the same as any other Mac application, so it makes sense that Microsoft hasn't tried to duplicate it. Instead, as with ribbons and menus you get the Office experience where that's appropriate, and the standard Mac experience the rest of the time.

That Office experience pushes you towards saving documents in OneDrive (and OneDrive for Business and SharePoint) so you can use the new document sharing and the improved shared editing features.

Security and sharing

On Windows, Office puts the sharing options in the File menu; in Office 2016 for Mac they're right in front of you, in the title bar of each application. Click the 'head-plus' icon and you can invite people by email to view or edit your document, get a copy of a link (again, that can be for just viewing or editing as well) or email your document as an attachment (in its original file format or as a PDF).

The menu also shows you who you've already shared a document with and what they can do to it. With OneDrive, the document sharing is seamless and the colleague you share the document with doesn't even have to sign in. With SharePoint and OneDrive for Business you have more control and you can make sure people sign in if you don't want to give them anonymous access.

When someone else is editing your document, the collaboration in Word, Excel or PowerPoint isn't quite real-time. That's the same in Office 2013 – the idea is that you want the chance to choose when your document gets updated rather than just having sections of it appear, disappear or change without you noticing.

A change your co-editor makes to a document gets uploaded when they save it – you see an icon next to the section of the document they're working on, to warn you against making changes that might conflict with theirs, and the status bar tells you there are updates you can add to the document. Click the status bar or just save the document and it gets the changes highlighted so you can see them quickly. Click the icon to see more information about who's editing the document (if they haven't signed into OneDrive, they show up as guest) and you can email, chat or FaceTime with them (there are options to schedule meetings that tell you to get a version of Office that has Outlook integrated, so this feature is still in progress).

В поставку Microsoft Office 2016 Mac Home Student входит:


  • Microsoft (2013) 2016 Office Home and Student – группа приложений для дома и учебы, объединенная в единую систему и позволяющая работать с различными типами данных – текстом, графикой, презентациями, а также различными мультимедийными материалами.

  • В состав продукта для дома и учебы входят: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.

  • Microsoft Office (2013) 2016 Home and Bussines – помимо привычного набора возможностей данный пакет предлагает ряд дополнительных функций специально для деловых людей. Продукт содержит инструменты для управления финансовой информацией, позволяет визуализировать данные в виде наглядных диаграмм, создавать презентации, составлять графики встреч, писать заметки и планировать свое рабочее время.

  • В состав продукта для дома и бизнеса входят: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote и Outlook.

  • Microsoft Office Professional (2013) 2016 – полный пакет инструментов Office, предназначенный для создания, редактирования и использования разных типов данных. В систему интегрирован органайзер, программа для работы с электронной почтой и планировщик задач – то, без чего невозможно представить упорядоченный рабочий процесс.

  • В состав профессиональной версии продукта входят: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher и Access.

  • Microsoft Office (2013) 2016 Standard – это стандартный пакет для организаций, который включает в себя все самое необходимое для офисной работы. Вы сможете создавать и редактировать документы, электронные таблицы, презентации и работать с удобной почтой и календарем.

  • В состав стандартной версии продукта входят: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, а также пакет MS Web Apps.

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus (2013) 2016 – данная версия содержит полезные клиентские и серверные приложения и службы, которые повышают эффективность работы как отдельных сотрудников, так и всей компании в целом.

  • В состав Microsoft Office Professional Plus (2013) 2016 входят: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, SharePoint Workspace, Lync, а также пакет MS Web Apps.

В состав продукта для дома и учебы входят: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.

В состав продукта для дома и бизнеса входят: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote и Outlook.

Для использования Интернета необходимо подключение к Интернету (может быть платным).

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MacBook Air appears on screen with the PowerPoint presentation displayed.

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Office 365 Home & Business appears on the left side of the MacBook Air, with icons for Word, Excel,

PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook beneath it. On the right side of the MacBook Air, Office Home &

Student appears, with icons for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

[OFFICE LOGO] appears on screen.

[MICROSOFT LOGO] appears on screen.