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Do you need to convert, extract, export data from your documents and make them available for manipulation? Want to convert 1,000 page PDFs to Excel flawlessly? Need image (scanned) PDF conversion to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint? Looking for secure PDF creation capabilities? Then get ready - Able2Extract is here!

Able2Extract is the ultimate data conversion utility! Able2Extract comes with select-to-convert features that let you focus only on the content you want to convert from PDF.

For image (scanned) PDF documents, Able2Extract Professional combines leading edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology with our proprietary PDF conversion algorithm to deliver quality conversions every time. This is great for people working with paper documents and wanting to access them electronically. Learn More About Able2Extract Professional.

Create secure PDF documents with Able2Extract’s PDF creation options. They include file permissions and password protection. In addition, you can edit PDF document information and viewing preferences as desired.

"Best $10 I ever spent"
This is the best ten dollars I ever spent. I just finished a 300-page book with extremely complex page layouts for extremely complex matrix equations plus all sorts of graphics, footnotes, font changes, tables, etc. -- the works. PDF995 worked flawlessly.

James L Farrell

"Easy and dependable "
I have used Pdf995 for several months, and I decided it was good enough to buy. I usually try out things for a while and if they turn out good, I pay for them.

I used to save online receipts as htm files, but Pdf995 is so easy I now just print them to a PDF file instead. If I need to print them out later, sometimes the htm file came out screwy, but I can always depend on a PDF. So thanks for your easy and dependable program.

Bob Kvanbeck

"Thank you"
I just downloaded Pdf995, and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I could get by in "free" mode, and live forever with the unobtrusive sponsor page, but two factors influenced my purchase of the key: First, I received a polite and comprehensive response to an e-mail question in just a matter of minutes. Second, my initial effort at creating a PDF file was so fast and easy that I wanted to show my appreciation and support for this incredible program.

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- create PDFs from scanner and web-cam

- create new PDFs

- manage document properties

Convert any file type into a PDF file.

That's right, PDF Converter can create great PDFs from almost any file type, including Email Attachments, Clipboard Content, iWork and MS Office files, Photos, Web pages, Documents on Dropbox and Google Drive, Contacts, Files from other apps and much more.

Create pages using HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap. Perfect PDF uses WebKit
under the hood to render pages to PDF. You can customize your printed view by using CSS media

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