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Convert XLS to MySQL With SQL Converter

Sqlizer.io is able to read a variety of data files and generate the SQL code necessary for storing the data in those files in a MySQL database. It can read the following types of file:

Once the data file is uploaded, this tool will analyse the contents of the file and work out what kind of database table could hold all the data. Database tables need to know what type of data they are holding (such as text, numbers or dates) but many data files do not explicitly say what type of data they contain. This can make life difficult when importing data into a database because it's up to you to work it out. Fortunately, sqlizer.io does that job for you.

Excel to MySQL Converter - Building Tables
Building Tables

Excel to MySQL Converter - Building Fields
Building Fields

I got the table, thank you for providing such a wonderful tool!
Many thanks from my bottom of the heart I am soo happy!


Excel to MySQL

user's option

If you are using Virtual Server hosting you probably have no sufficient

privileges to create new databases on the target MySQL server. For this case we

recommend the following approach:

  1. ask your Virtual Server administrator to create blank database

    for you
  2. run Excel to MySQL and select this database as the conversion

  3. click "Yes" when you will be asked if you'd like to overwrite

    existing MySQL database

Product highlights

Show all available MySQL data types in the Data
Type drop-down list
: By default, only the most
commonly used data types are displayed. Enable (disabled by
default) this setting to see a list of all MySQL data types.

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