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XLS to SQL Conversion

Sometimes users need to convert a Microsoft Excel table to SQL but do not have a dedicated tool to do the conversion, or the price of this tool is too high. Advanced XLS Converter is a remarkably accurate XLS converter that produces SQL outputs instantly and without any learning curve. Advanced XLS Converter supports batch conversion, handles extremely large databases and allows you to customize output settings to your requirements.

The tool selects entirely source database for conversion by default. In case you need only some tables, just deselect the ones you don't need.  Every MySQL table is converted to one Excel sheet and inversely – one Excel sheet to one MySQL table. 

The application is extremely easy to use and fully adaptable to the needs of different users as it has many customizable options.  A useful feature of this product is that you don’t need to monitor it constantly to check your conversion and synchronization. The Build-in Scheduler and Command Line Support will do the database transfer for you in the automated mode.

Import Data

Now save a copy of the worksheet as a Comma separated Value (CSV) file. If you are not sure how to do this, Click on File >>Save As>>

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The resulting SQL script will look like this:

Column names: (change it to blank, or empty it)

Use LOCAL keyword: Check this one 

Finally when everything is set, click “GO.” The csv file will then be exported to your first MySQL database table. You can then click “BROWSE” in the phpmyadmin navigation to see the exported data. You can now see the table in MySQL format. 

If you have other worksheets to be exported as another MySQL table, repeat the above procedure, starting at step three, which you can easily create by clicking the database name link on the left navigation (link in blue) or in the top (near header). 

{mospagebreak title=Exact steps in an online MySQL server (where direct file import is not allowed)} 

Below are the steps necessary to import Excel worksheet data into a MySQL table in an actual MySQL database for real websites (not using XAMPP localhost): 

1. Do Steps 1 to 5 in the XAMPP Phpmyadmin methods above.

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