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You can use the following procedure to output 3D-PDF from virtually any 3D software - and get this generator for free. The resulting PDFs may not be fully optimized as for their performance and the style control is rather limited but ... it is a free toolset.

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“We recognized that there was an urgent need for Revit users to join the broader movement of 3D data sharing through 3D PDF,” says Michael Schell, President of 3DA Systems. “The 3D PDF Converter for Revit uses HOOPS Publish because it is the only tool that ensures Revit files map precisely to PRC – which is necessary for our customers to display their valuable data with the highest integrity and portability.”

“The 3D PDF Converter for Revit is an exciting new application that fills a real need in the BIM market as the industry is increasingly looking toward 3D PDF as the preferred method to view and share design and construction data,” says Gavin Bridgeman, VP of SDK Products, Tech Soft 3D.

With respect to the Autocad products we currently support the IFC format for translation to PDF. 3D PDF Converter also supports, using the native acrobat libraries, DXF, DWG and DWF.

  1. Setup a 3D view and put it on a sheet.  Make a View Template from it.
  2. Group and then Save out the elements you want in the 3D OBJ (untick Exclude options and do a Right-to-Left selection to get everything you want).  The reason we do this - the OBJ Exporter does not respect visibility settings related to Design Options.
  3. Transfer Project Standards (all, overwrite) to the Group
  4. Apply the View Template from step 1 to a 3D view.
  5. Download and then compile this add-in from The Building Coder.  Put the .add-in and other files (.dll and .pdb) in the appropriate add-in folders.  You basically just have to open the SLN (solution) file and then add the appropriate Revit 2013 Program directory to the referenced folders, and then Build.
  6. Restart Revit
  7. Run the OBJ export add-in
  8. This tool is blisteringly fast.  You will get a dialog like this:
  9. Then, download and install DAZ Studio.  Register and login to their site.  'Buy' DAZ Studio Pro 4.5 for free from the site, checkout, and you will get the serial number under My Serials on the My Account page.  Open DAZ Studio and put your serial number in.
  10. File - Import.  You have a nice range to import from, see image below:
  11. Choose the OBJ you exported from Revit.  I used these XYZ settings to get things oriented properly:
  12. You will end up with something that looks like this:
  13. Now, you can using File - Export - Universal 3D (.U3D) file
  14. Then, Create a PDF in Acrobat IX Pro.  Select the U3D file you just exported from DAZ Studio 4.5
  15. These are some settings that I used:
  16. Finally, here is the 3D model in Acrobat, from Revit via OBJ then U3D:

You can also Add the 3D file to an existing document using the Interactive Objects tool pane in Acrobat:

2. Download The Firmware Installer. Extract and read the instruction in the txt file

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